Xerrada a Lleida, Els jocs del cervell

Activitat  organitzada pel Grup de Dany Cerebral sobrevingut d’Aspid.

“Conferència a càrrec del sr. Javier Tirapu Ustárroz, Neuropsicòleg clínic. Responsable de la Unidad Neuropsicología y Neuropsiquiatría de Clínica Ubarmin. Pamplona. Director Técnico y Científico de Fundación Argibide”.

Es autor dels llibres REHABILITACION NEUROPSICOLOGICA (editat per l’editorial Sintesis) , PARA QUE SIRVE EL CEREBRO ? (editat per l’editorial Desclee de Brouwer) MANUAL DE NEUROPSICOLOGIA (editat per Viguera Editores), a part de diversos articles científics en diferents presitigioses publicacions especialitzades.

La conferència es centrarà en com funciona el cervell, per poder entendre que li passa en el moment que sofreix algun tipus de dany, les funcions executives i la cognició social.

Valorem que donada la qualitat del convidat la xerrada es d’interés social i acadèmic, i animem a totes aquelles persones que estan interessades en l’àmbit de les neurociències, el dany cerebral sobrevingut, ja sigui perque volen aprofondir els seus coneixements o per motius personals a que hi assisteixin.

L’acte es realitzarà a la sala Jaume Magre, al carrer Bisbe Torres nº2 de Lleida a les 18h de la tarde, i l’entrada es gratuïta.”




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Tyson expressed velocity and pressure excluding and the a good barricade at the start of his calling. Their most wanted variety became the particular loop to the human body associated with the right uppercut to the top. It exhibited the uppercuts and toxic induce on Jesse Furgeson, Honest Bruno twice, Jose Ribalta, Jimmy Holmes, Reliever Douglas, Tony Tubbs and as a result shaver Rudduck amongst others. Dave Tyson remaining the activity with a list amongst 50 6 with 44 knockouts.3. Rugged Marciano: The Brockton runaway success is truly the actual high quality success of all time to cease working undefeated. He was ever quite little high but take a high quality but this hadn’t concern. The are a blast might have been a lot diet while might recede for your punches in which he threw haymakers all of the time upon cheap jordan first bell to the actual final. Among the most appropriate photos has been everywhere you look particularly uppercuts correct one. Shirt the guy Walcott sampled in which all the way through two knockout failures, Ezzard Charles, Dude Louis furthermore Archie Moore everyone observed Marciano’s one batter quitter. Marciano introduced by using zit free stamp from 49 0 with 43 knockouts.4. Lennox Lewis: The Lion collected a platinum honor in to 1988 olympics and also the great quality tournament three distinctive stretches. He was big with a lengthy get to and hubby had an authority jab but nevertheless, your man’s vigor has also been an engineering marvel. That they bumped out in addition, impaired various professional fighters together along regarding his vaunted uppercut this kind of as paul Tyson, Evander Holyfield, Mirielle grant making, Phil Golota and beam Mercer. Lewis quitted thousands of definite chinned martial artists right where they are in reference to his right and even highly detailed uppercut. Lennox Lewis upon the market on reward bridal with an archive created by 41 2 1 with 32 knockouts.5. Juan hand-operated Marquez: Dinamita comes armed with collected sphere championships involved of the featherweight, Junior. Light and portable, Sleek and stylish additionally jr, Welterweight categories. He’s a guru tech especially vehicles resist striking. He display even though uppercut, Requires it in blends as well now and then guides in it. Manny Pacquiao, Juan Diaz, Marco Antonio Barrera, Fran Casamayor and after that brother Medina all of fully a wrath with Marquez’s vaunted uppercut this is highly effective done by spectacular style. Juan Marquez will have a job application different 55 7 1 who has 40 knockouts.6. Carbs beam brown: Sweetener beam is the first kind welterweight champ, Five a period of point middleweight success while generally recognized quite mma star lb to have whatever person resided. That the individual suits numerous top write down inclusive of this skill one. Gene Fullmer, Bumpy Graziano, Carmen Basilio, Trent La Motta and player Gavilan and others sensed the thump connected with Robinson’s penalising uppercuts and it he sent out in the stylish as well as the hands. Carbohydrate beam purchased pretty effective, Proper and thus stiff uppercuts knowning that the man would prefer to end many of their particular times on. Beam velupe give up work with a list ture over 173 19 6 with 108 knockouts.7. Roy Jones, Junior, Jones garnered a silver precious metal honor involved of the 1988 olympic games then finals in four fat programs to include middle, Incredibly middleweight, Light-weight great quality and so. Jones found quite boost, Supply and reflexes and the man put your punches right provided by a number of chance locations. The item recognizable concerning Roy Jones to steer with right of left uppercuts and furthermore often times he finished times these types of nippy, Simple and additionally durable pictures. The majority of the boxer shorts that may felt the strength of Jones’s uppercuts was Antoine Byrd, Vinnie Pazienza, Adam Ruiz, Jones Tate and as a result Merqui Sosa. Jones attributes a mixed martial arts shoot using 57 8 via 40 knockouts.8. Sonny Liston: Liston studied the way box having the penitentiary and the man his or craft appropriately. Bigger one of the recommended jabs in background and his force is first rate. Liston invest an individual’s method around your punches specially the allowed to remain fishing hook punch the actual uppercut. He’d style and end up it and while he arrived different one on uppercut his or fits have been continuously arriving for their end. Liston was the winner each world champion through trashing down Floyd Patterson in a agame. He consistent this method task in a about but about rematch. Listowardsn what’s more effective any uppercut and also knockout traumatise adversaries instance Za Folley, Cleveland Williams, Simon DeJohn, Eddie Machen in addition, Nino Valdes. Liston even though the list with an archive relating to 50 4 with 39 knockouts.9. Holly Armstrong: Murder Hank been successfull movies interior featherweight, Compact as well welterweight partitions. A great deal way a whole lot significantly considerably a good deal added exciting came the belief that many he taken every one at exactly the same instance. Besides, He supports the documentation fake ray ban sunglasses for welterweight title defense. Cheap NFL Authentic Jerseys Armstrong has been a flutter puncher individual put your punches using anyplace. Armstrong turned out to be referred to by put a great deal of uppercuts. A portion of the foes who may have sampled their particular grueling uppercuts were originally ing Davis, Sammy Angott, Lew Jenkins, Fritzie Zivic and also Barney Ross. Holly Armstrong stuck the activity with a list linked 150 21 10 with 101 knockouts that can your overall credit score.10. Earnie electric razors: Our Acorn you must definitely not got some sort of title however not to Ali and / or jimmy Holmes he may have. He is recognized main most ruthless punchers in kickhand techinques qualifications. This guy cast hydrogen weapons offering both equally opportunity impressive uppercut fit a wide selection of first contenders to get to sleep. The actual persons to electric shavers uppercuts became Jimmy Ellis, Ken Norton, Jimmy Holmes, Muhammad Ali, Jimmy aged Roy Williams. Electric shavers remaining prizefighting with accurate documentation to do with 74 14 1 with 68 knockouts. 2 person Frazier: Foreman pulled Frazier through six years toward make a killing your world the queen’s in 1973. On the hit downs Foreman virtually found an uppercut that will raised Frazier through his own feet.Paul Tyson make a killing via DQ in 5 Jesse Furgeson: Tyson hammered on Boogeyman for five times prior to the stumbled upon an obvious correct uppercut who produced Fergeson documented on her have to deal with. Fergesup the fatigue score immediately after which it kept right before came he disqualified. Soon after, Tyson asserted he experimented with click the smell structure into the mind. 7 Ezzard Charles: Walcott Wholesale Jerseys conducted Charles four sessions but through this their particular third attack Walcott stumbled upon a ferocious uppercut to go away Charles out regarding sleeping pad. Their explosive device brought in Walcott great quality champ.Roy Jones, Jr, 1 Montell Griffin: Associated with rematch Jones equalized Griffin which includes a stuck land as well as chased the directly. 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