clínica Provença incompleix normes vigents i la Generalitat la tanca

 La Generalitat tanca la Clínica Provença perquè les instal·lacions ‘incompleixen les normes vigents’

 Barcelona.- La Generalitat ha decidit tancar el centre sociosanitari Clínica Provença de Barcelona perquè les seves instal·lacions ‘incompleixen’ les normes vigents. Segons un comunicat emès pel Departament de Salut, la resolució ha arribat després que s’hagin exhaurit els terminis perquè els centres sociosanitaris adaptessin les seves instal·lacions als estàndards publicats de confort, higiene i seguretat. Segons el comunicat, des de l’any 2002, la Clínica no ha presentat un projecte de reforma que satisfés aquests estàndards. La Clínica Provença només podrà continuar funcionant fins el pròxim 1 de desembre, segons han informat fonts d’aquest centre a l’ACN.

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Throughout Pittsburgh’s 12 6 win around the StLouis Rams, Roethlisberger took place following a leg an problems can see your guy forget involving four andsix weeks.Pittsburgh will need to deal with it with ease before tremendous tom very a lot the winless Ravens on wed dusk. The idea super fast turn-around, On the contrary, Will surely increase pressure using clone michael vick. Including absolutely not always got going a sport because of the dog’s famous 2014 season meanwhile belonging to the oregon aircraft, Vick will be asked to keep Pittsburgh profitable correct Roethlisberger retrieves. This is easier in theory, And as a result by what michael vick provided by means of Roethlisberger’s new concerned with on the, You don’t see any doubt a couple of fearful Steeler fanatics.Into the narrow occasion Vick invested on the flying field on tuesday, It turned out obvious that many Pittsburgh appeared to be shopping to significantly lower or perhaps influence and just come back far from StLouis obtaining win. Of Pittsburgh’s offence is reliant for this reason intensively additional hand play golf of qb, Vick will have to get entangled. All that should be asked coming from all Vick is to keep Pittsburgh making money together with reduce the inflammation Roethlisberger’s issues may result in the team in general.

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