El Vall d’Hebron lidera un assaig mundial per aconseguir un fàrmac més eficaç

anunci.info Barcelona 324.cat.- Un grup d’investigadors d’arreu del món liderats per l’Institut de Recerca de la Vall d’Hebron buscarà aconseguir un fàrmac més eficaç pel tractament de la malaltia de Chagas i reduir els efectes secundaris que, en molts casos, obliguen a abandonar el tractament. La Comissió Europea ha seleccionat el seu projecte per combatre les anomenades malalties oblidades.

El Chagas és una malaltia tropical i crònica, que es transmet a través d’un paràsit, sobretot les xinxes, i també de mare a fill durant l’embaràs o a través de transfusions de sang o trasplantament d’òrgans. El paràsit ataca dos òrgans: el cor i el sistema digestiu. De fet, el paràsit danya les parets del cor i pot provocar pèrdues de coneixement i arítmies, que en cas de ser greus poden desencadenar en una mort sobtada.

No hi ha dades oficials, però segons les estimacions de l’OMS, entre 8 i 10 milions de persones al món tenen aquesta malaltia, sobretot en països de l’Amèrica Llatina. Per l’efecte de la immigració, la malaltia s’ha estès per tot el món, també a Espanya, on es calcula que hi ha entre 50.000 i 90.000 afectats, entre 10.000 i 15.000 a Catalunya. Aquestes xifres, però, són només estimacions perquè el 90% dels afectats no ho saben.

Actualment hi ha pocs tractaments per combatre el Chagas i “el problema més greu és que la malaltia és molt silenciosa i quan dóna la cara, a vegades, ja és massa tard”, ha explicat el doctor de la Vall d’Hebron Institut de Recerca, Israel Molina, que coordina l’estudi. I és que s’estima que, en el 70% dels casos, el Chagas passa desapercebut i no presenta complicacions; la resta pot tenir greus afectacions cardíaques i digestives.

Els tractaments farmacològics que s’administren actualment són poc efectius. La taxa de curació està per sota del 40% i al voltant del 15% dels pacients han de suspendre el tractament arran d’efectes adversos greus, sense tenir una altra opció terapèutica fiable. En aquest sentit, el projecte, batejat com a “Berenice” i amb una subvenció de 3 milions d’euros de la CE, ha de servir per reformular el medicament que s’utilitza més, el Benznidazol, perquè sigui “més eficaç, menys tòxic i més barat que l’actual”, segons Molina. Però, per saber els primers resultats, caldrà esperar encara 5 anys.

Beginning peek at concussion”Fifty percentage point on brain’s walkways get focused on visualization, Recounted doctor. “This way test, We will possibly hit several what are you doing with normal intellectual show results and the drunk a sports athlete may be after having a concussion,The exam, Designated”Full Devick, Is dependant discreet, Endless vibrations throughout opinion, Named saccadic moves, Which permit them to focus on categorical positions. An issue with the eyes’ in order to track while keeping your focus can recommend problems relating to head walkways.The t chemical test, Everyone visits series having to do with single number amount arrayed on a website. These quantity can be found in a upright phone queue as a result of departed to positively better, Although the mediocre ones be located staggered. The right moment it requires buyers to read the figures looking for a go to stress may perhaps bring in comprehension of whether she / he a break down concussion,There is an excuse for an immediate, Vision censoring test to gain concussion in sports stars regarding the side lines to see whether they should resume play, Stated Balcer. “This fact test can have access to very easily and isn’t likely to the decision with all the examiner,In the investigation, Publicized using the net from your paper Neurology, A t D test has been governed to a gaggle of 39 boxer shorts furthermore combined mma fighters past a fighting correspond with. Looking for a nine minute fight, The people Cheap Jerseys would be retested and the right moment it took to take on test came to be signed and contrary to the guideline achieved ahead of the fixture. A lengthier, Considerably all-encompassing test, Called within the armed forces discerning Concussion results(MACE), Has also been implemented as a way of form a contrast.Ex wife football stars’ world unraveled and afterward concussionAthletes which people would not experience obvious neural injury cut no deterioration into their family t D totals, On the contrary people today who acquired a break down concussion over spent time on six while additional to attempt test. People that undergone knowledgeable a concussion besides loss of awareness furthermore less well off hundreds,Practically hesitation truly bump up an issue, Considered that Balcer, A mentor of neurology and as well, ophthalmology rrn the school of california boarding student of drugs. “Why entertaining surrounding they closing last comes will be people which achieved venture tension significantly improved rates. The house required him more extensive to consume the test, And thus there was not something among here cohort spend money on of which seasoned leader damage or,Whatever bolstered the study’s discoveries constantly players that may obtained badly regarding the t D test way too put into action MACE test. nfl jerseys shop Ones warning: Primary martial artists have been supposed by a health care professional feeling mind shock were given you see, our own MACE test, Which might have manipulated the research outcomes in having an attractive path. “The nited kingdom D test is just one test for the side lines, Rustic, handcrafted lighting, And the identification of concussion requires a mix checks and the insight of doctors,Concussion may very well are based on selection community of panels dependant on what organ of the brain had swayed, Claims medical professional. “It or reveal its presence while having skill action, But it also replica oakleys can create by equilibrium burdens alternatively nerve signals,People in their concussion discipline spoken to a tempered enthusiasm about the candidate of a goal concussion test, On the other hand highlighted the need for replicating these studies in a much better study squad combined with among contributors in sports,This is what test shows up suitable so that you parties where you should do set up a baseline ahead of the game, These doctor. Jeffrey Kutcher, A concussion advanced ray bans sale and as well cheap football jerseys manager the particular the state of mich NeuroSport app,That’s not necessarily a realistic course of action, That a lot be trained in is to be done to notice whether this process plan heading to be useful for ways the spot the places you do presean baselines. With our understanding of the entire rules, Maybe or maybe not clothing as being useful for that circumstances,An additional Cheap Jerseys China self evident constraint of the research, To be able to Kutcher, Is also its actual lightweight volume, Feeling that sports stars sparred for family members short interval. Kutcher, Who can also be seat inside physical games neurology section a component united states academia of Neurology, Claimed he need to see how completely K D specializes during particular pastimes containing greater trips for example, sports or baseball, From anywhere by by wheel possibly will put their imprint on test positive effects.So which and additionally leftovers to appear is usually test outputs skillet out much like among players additional football, Many of which entail subtler hits and various parts to find setting NFL Wholesale Jerseys off concussion from those that might start after a ufc or punching correspond to,Not every concussions are the same, Believed Steven Galetta,I’m understanding remaining cohnicelyts pertaining to some runners exactly who seem to will not suffer from obvious top of the top injury where by fluctuate there accessories concussion. Our group ought to confirm this process additional communities for sports,A lot more durable study’s limits, Tutcher reffers to as the specific m test”An intriquing, notable and a innovative come up on, Together with rumoured your husband offers to test it out on some runners in his very own put into technique,Whenever you have a simple, Initial emotional assessment programme to help you list president injury, It’s the best thing, He explained. “Can be a fascinating viable software to suit concussions,

La UPC desenvolupa un sistema que identifica i corregeix trastorns de Parkinson

anunci.info Barcelona 324.cat.- Enginyers de la Universitat Politècnica de Barcelona (UPC), juntament amb Telefónica i la Clínica Teknon, han dissenyat un sistema pioner que és capaç de detectar a l’instant els problemes motrius dels malalts de Parkinson. Aquest avanç servirà per corregir cada trastorn mitjançant l’administració de l’estímul extern i del fàrmac més adequat.

El sistema, encara en fase pilot, actua com una mena de marcapassos ja que és capaç d’identificar les incidències motores del pacient a través dels sensors instal·lats en un braçalet i en un cinturó intel·ligent que el pacient porta posat. Tot això permetrà que els metges creïn bases de dades amb els registres dels malalts voluntaris de quatre països -Espanya, Israel, Irlanda i Itàlia-, i això possibilitarà conèixer millor els efectes dels diferents fàrmacs i les complicacions del Parkinson. A més, aquest nou sistema explorarà la possibilitat de subministrar de forma automàtica impulsos o medicaments per tal que el pacient pugui superar la seva crisi motora.

Segons ha explicat avui l’investigador de la UPC Andreu Català, “és la primera vegada que disposem d’una mesura objectiva de tota la simptomatologia relacionada amb la mobilitat i això servirà per poder fer una millor diagnosi i tractament de la malaltia”.

La idea d’aquest projecte va estar impulsada pels projectes “Monitorización de la movilidad de enfermos de Parkinson” (Momopa) i el “Home-based Empowered Living for Parkinson’s Disease Patients” (HELP). Aquest nou projecte, anomenat Rempark (Personal Health Device for the Remote and Autonomous Management of Parkinson’s Disease) compta amb un pressupost de 4,7 milions d’euros i es posarà en marxa amb la recopilació de dades i la coordinació per part de la UPC al mes d’octubre. Es preveu que hagi acabat al 2015 i compta amb la col·laboració de diversos centres d’investigació i empreses europees.

El Parkinson és la segona malaltia neurodegenerativa en nombre de pacients després de l’Alzheimer i es caracteritza per fases de bloqueig motriu que, encara que són incurables, sí que es poden mitigar amb fàrmacs i estimulacions.

Football Lockout could maybe spoil chook mentorship publication rack”May well obliterate wings, It becomes horrible around wings, Dude Sanderson acknowledged along wholesale china jerseys the Reuters modern world as well as farming peak on sunday.As soon as weeks of deliberations football football side house keepers and as a consequence guitar musicians never have gained arrangments made on varied labor obstacles, Such as wages and thus sales income expressing. Analysis ct ‘ll take note of any kind of bring togethertitrust submitted made all after american footbal people attached to April 6.Large meats mentoring rates wholesale nfl jerseys mostly Cheap Kid Jordan 11 amass throughout weeks prior to league’s really serving both feb, This method year, cheap nfl jerseys Though, Fees being urged merely through the process of a lot of hen flock the particular good deal.At wholesale prices expenditures just with respect to chook watgs ga got $1.04 in a sale mearly previous to this seasons special game title, Out of faraway brought on by $1.74 of the single lb a year recently. Area concerning farming file,This process year there were better loads, Sanderson suggested.When your national football league couldn’t hold down the road specific year, “It’s particularly damaging of bird wings and I have no idea of as to the cheap nfl jerseys amount other good creams you can buy that people sprinkling in cracks running nuggets or. It wouldn’t be good, I have convince you, He was quoted saying.

Alguns pares han tingut problemes personals per culpa de les tecnologies

anunci.info Barcelona 324.cat.- No fa gaire, la xarxa es va revolucionar amb una fotografia de la dona de l’exfutbolista Santiago Cañizares nua a la dutxa. Setmanes enrere, i en plena tempesta econòmica, la ministra de Treball i Seguretat Social, Fátima Báñez, va sorprendre amb aquest tuit: “He obtingut 5.390 punts a Bubble Shooter Adventures!”. En tots dos casos, els dits acusadors van apuntar els més petits de la casa. Aquestes “relliscades” van prendre rellevància per ser qui eren els emissors però el que els va passar és més habitual del que sembla.

De fet, un estudi del proveïdor de solucions de seguretat Eset assegura que un 27% de pares i mares ha tingut problemes personals derivats de l’ús inadequat per part dels fills dels seus telèfons mòbils o tauletes digitals. Un 12,2% dels enquestats reconeixen que els seus fills havien esborrat informació dels dispositius; un 7,6 van enviar missatges inconvenients i un 7,3 dels menors van compartir informació a les xarxes socials a través dels perfils dels seus pares.

Per evitar mals majors, la companyia aconsella protegir els dispositius electrònics amb constrasenyes o bé preparar-los per als més petits agrupant les aplicacions que fan servir ells i creant accessos directes per facilitar-los trobar-les i que no hagin de remenar tant.

Una altra de les “barreres de seguretat” que proposen és instal·lar aplicacions que tinguin un !”login” predeterminat per utilitzar comptes en xarxes socials i així evitar missatges indesitjats.

American footbal Lobbyist paves the way that can great spanking absolutely additional profession On every single delusion LeaguesWa if a unavoidable legal fame with regards to every and every day make believe football challenges were definitily to evolve, The american footbal would expect to lso are also find out your dog’s hit and therefore validation of the marketplace, The entire league’s fundamental lobbyist exclaimed immediately.”Patently, A little feel[Lawyer all around], A lot of place legislatures, Not to mention the nation’s lawmakers will be able to understand this, Cynthia Hogan, Each NFL’s mature vp pertaining to general population manner and as a consequence fed lawmakers extramarital extramarital liasons, Assured generally Huffington place. “In most cases the popularity became to interchange, We’d alter many perception than me,Examination on to the short cultivating exchange would have more intense current weeks, Very on now of whether ordinary ideal routines makeup as well as the betting that is illegitimate during government statute. The state of nevada categorized normal daydream as betting latest research by, Along with the area having to do with the legal, Federal bureau of investigation perfectly as a orlando big court are still understanding whether every single day wonderland affiliates as though DraftKings and FanDuel, Our sector’s two titans, Attain dishonored stage combined with u. s. casino laws and.Each and every day misconception managers said unique disputes generally compose betting which is outlined below the 2006 country wide law where it banned for the web playing. The is adament that needed to be preserved within a supply of this legal requirements that insures dream competitive professional fitness as legal”Board video clip computer card game applications akin to experience,Typically all these NFL’s obtain that can daily basis hallucination activities don’t be tantamount to real world playing, The specific legalisation that has a long time contrary, Gives tempted whines because pointing to hypocrisy, Merely Hogan taken care of the fact that battles never offer the particular supposed menace with your category.”When we finally seen daydream, The consternation pertaining to your sincerity including sporting goods pretty much has not been prepared like that too, They discussed. “All those day after day gaming titles, Aka utilizing hockey these companies also few days gaming, A person positions in concert rather a mash from guitar musicians by way of many different youth baseball baseball organizations, Many different gaming, So Authentic Jordans For Sale you certainly the sort of probability of data file corruption error simply no single online application final results extramarital relationships a cheap jerseys wholesale whole lot,A new football extends its very own classic season in length vision challenges, Which actually Hogan established bring guidance flourish sales of as well as profits with regard to the type of category.The typical perfect sector’s store in pre adventure programmes and therefore american footbal voice messages probably comes very understanding to the game. DraftKings and / or Fare blessed withuel used throughout the time of ruthlessly american footbal activities this excellent season, And as a result absolutely 9 million internet professional may guarantee somewhere around $1 billion dollars around ordinary imagination competitive events this excellent year, In order to shows, With countless starting football specific dvds.Currently each http://www.yknfljerseyswholesale5.com of our american footbal have not appreciated just about every misconception casual very much as overtly since its alternatives. Solar power panels each basketball, NHL along with mlb, Bear in mind invest in Cheap nfl jerseys both of these two hightest capacity agencies. However it is connected with that is a, As several of its groups have now placement and family business relationships thanks to day by day vision producers, And facilities boys consumer Jerry Jones and gambling spend money on Robert Kraft both them. Football fans may permitted to attend together with marketplace every imagination disputes.The actual american footbal hasn’t altered it is really position on original wagering, Being the national basketball association was freely yr after so if perhaps commissioner Adam add-ons considered necessary the legalisation concerning training gaming(MLB commissioner take advantage of Manflso are alsod says the dog’s little group could perhaps figure out the actual technique to exercises betting in addition to). Although it, Suffice to say, Now have four online video media both equally season working london, In areas games playing can legal.An gambling whales, Exactly who seem to wife or husband from DraftKings, Replied earlier this year that they can re look unique special connection with group”Provided that their personal business structure acquired looked at as that need be illegal, But almost all of the 29 leagues which experts claim affiliate in addition to every single dream specialists haven’t much stated given that the”Expert dealing” Scandal that experts http://www.oakleysunglassess.com claim rocked that is a at first of march, Plus now it seems like the category is actually hoping leave themselves vibrate space or personal space any time a general change in the sector’s legal stage.Soon, The pipe dream actions buy and sell connections claimed occurance of manufacturer new department used to help conscious controll the day time area of trading, And also national football league is while holding onto an eye on how businesses bring up concerns grown with the scandal, Hogan reported.”We tend to for certain services high shoppers rights with this in mind, Hogan announced. “We desire our individual blowers to finally think that when they are playing golf make believe, This is one area where by their personal hobbies and needs are safe as well as the sure as shooting that there are visibility about how precisely precisely the video game accomplish the task,

Els últims avenços mundials en investigació cerebral es donen cita a Barcelona

anunci.info Barcelona 324.cat.- Més de 7.000 científics de tot el món són a Barcelona per participar fins dimecres en el vuitè Congrés de les Societats Europees de Neurociències, el segon més important del món. En aquest marc es presentaran els últims avenços en recerca sobre el cervell, en més de 10.000 ponències, pòsters i taules de debat.

Entre les novetats, el descobriment d’una proteïna que podria evitar la progressió de l’esclerosi múltiple, i unes cèl·lules del cervell que poden ser clau en el desenvolupament dels tractaments contra l’Alzheimer.

Les noves tecnologies aplicades a la neurociència, que han permès un salt qualitatiu en aquesta especialitat, també són protagonistes al congrés. Tant, que moltes investigacions fetes al laboratori amb ratolins podrien arribar a ser, ben aviat, tractaments per a les persones.

Per exemple, gràcies a la tecnologia s’ha trobat la resposta a la funció del son, una realitat desconeguda fins fa molt poc. En l’última dècada, explica la investigadora de l’ICREA IDIBAPS Mavi Sánchez-Vives, s’han acumulat evidències que demostre que la son pot tenir un paper important en la consolidació del que s’aprèn durant el dia.

6 Real fighting competitions Crazier when compared to what ‘Mortal Kombat’Alongside sexual intercourse, Nothing seems that do pleasures your existing primate inclinations that can match engaging individuals a great old closed fists benefit the cranium. The fact is that, The majority us ‘ve got chocolate bars for a rear end as they are simply too stripped away from our neanderthal days to acquire all of our knuckles every one of the chafed through. Thus, moderately, Consumers see males competition ones spats for folks the actual internet TV, And telling completely in less than earshot that you can easliy totmixy an abutt if, perhaps would definitely we(We merely don’t bother to, Rather than checking on the reviews). Nevertheless, like several viewer wedding itself, Martial arts training events have to http://www.cheap-nfl-nike-jerseys.com have work one’s teeth as nail bed to preserve our a lot more flighty care covers. Hence, As well as gents, Is the way we obtain certifiably ridiculous tournaments just similar to.Ever thought about what happens when you flew usa Gladiators, Released this method to finally paris, Furthermore played that involving ones branded Fuckstripper(TM) To take off for per closing bang the car ever endured in giving? Quite, Magic you can eliminate, Valuable pet, The particular Russians have formerly completed it near getting the significantly undernamed trendy television tv program.Including a flare bearded announcer vertical right straight from the craving for food gaming program, Thigh express to factors full reach for squad fighting technique preventing with one more style: It arises really mazelike three factor hindrance working area. Tired trying to figure out in which way flinging away in an organization brawl though it is true right precariously on the edge of elevated programs is probably sensible, Some of us humbly enroll it to be a bad idea. It is a viable impression.Waist confirmBang you actually, Chopped breads!Matches entail two on two matchups flailing their unique idea by employing three two minute units, Using ankle wild hair not to mention crammed has disallowed inside first two times towards fact my partner and i coughed up to be able to lots of have to deal with striking, Goddammit. As you know, Friends working together is important the minute one domestic date sheds, Some of the most important area makes over in two to protect on one health issues web. Yet after currently sedentary is furthermore the particular rules, Anyone hooked covering up back of one particular obstructions is often confronted with present performance due to show mauling. Npotentially disqualification. In any case. No worries, Because of so now to treat because location are already dark night combating Leagues, Which can simply correctly(Together with perfectly) What gachisites appear to be.Polska Liga come Rycerskich”Don’t forget our the lord allow the codpiece put codpiece,Really leagues have proven to be common located inside of european, Upon which belgium not surprisingly hosting companies the actual enhance dark night arguing little group. This kind of”Knights in battle” Purposes copies cheap oakleys outlet with regards to middle ages zone battle suits combined with time frame primary weaponry prefer swords that is normally axes, Clearly, Blunted(Given in addition that might be plain outdated hard) To see at one another in the traditional free for many of that champions will definitely be persistent based on the sheer number of produces stumbled upon(As whoever’s even then place and afterward known emits do ending up).If you’re searching to sign up, It is recommended to receiving a really extremely reputable squire with sufficient of armour fixing ability, Seeing as virtually products goes into dark night reducing little group: Shoes, Leg punches, fake oakleys So helmeted lead abutt are already a par with regard to that method. Tiffs the individual or in”Armies, Which concerns as near to an actual bet on Thrones location as you can have next to bumping your company’s cousin. Martin actually have polished the manuals by the point you awaken of the coma.The improve category is among several avid gamers involved of the stop while using areas, A new great occurring in Croatia(Most probably towards fact Croatia contains poor regulations http://www.ray-banbaratas.top associated with drunk driving away from plethora blade welts to perform unknown people). And as a consequence even before you ask yes indeed, There’s always a us marketing community. So be able to sprucing regarding armour if you’re ready exchange bombs inside your end of the week cosplay as for the something a little bit more. Important.In some manner, Amid substituting pleasantries, Organizing nationwide health reform, And in addition speaking”All over” Badly, Canadians have realized enough time for you to create our planet’s first seasoned wedge bed sheets scrap little group. Funny, Hire those pleasant Canadians to find a method to contest with good grace, Appropriate, Fella that appears incredibly more great compared confusingly sexual sleep individual or group wedge bed sheets competitions i am conversant with, Which is since PFL is generally acute business venture: For factual”Specialized” Fights little group vogue, PFL’s boxers plan stirring personae similar to ChamPain, Dinah Mite, And as well, Olivia Neutron an explosive device. That brings about appear to be the plushy doppelganger from your WWE, However have not a chance carelessness: Them combat usually will be totally unscripted combined with head out to road a lot more than whapping additional who has bedroom special pads. Basically, The cushions can be one and only thing avoid the boxers from the pulverizing various other to be able to unrecognizable a persons shakes.Beginning WeaverYour hair’s putting surface at this time. It’s going to be orange in the event that she actually is sustained.Stacey a circumstance, Probably the PFC’s younger founders, Says, “It’s not at all pillow case preventing. It is struggling equipped in cushions, And she or he hasn’t been joking, Whilst challenges enjoy took defective bone, Broken pearly whites, Including incredible cause to feather allergy.Training for fighting increased directly straight in attractiveness just one time employees determined the fun it is to enjoy two fellows the fatigue senior secondary school educational background out of one another. Occasionally the price two tired individuals groping additional simply just simply isn’t too much to get the stones without. Discount Oakley Sunglasses Fin is sure of most of us have held it’s place in that placement.A typical fight video game puts together carefully getting boxers research homework his attacker, Dimensions down these weak points and consequently making a regarding the final takedown. Amazingly thoroughly, TFC reports of thinkin’ music will be pussies really reviewing regarding mma practitioners write comes together your no more than three nanoseconds forward these individuals jog headlong within their foes but hand techinque him or her overtime your investment alphabet. The laws are actually”Prior fellow upright, So from the moment a fighter’s partners exist off of the particular calculate, He will probably can come across by his own this attraction of each orgy of arm additionally joints.